3.20.2017. Artists at Work Launches

I’m happy to announce the launch of the Artists At Work web site. Artists At Work is a documentary project that makes its online debut with some 1400 photographs of the work environment and activity of visual artists. 

Three years in the making, these 50 albums at launch are the first part of what is planned to be a more extensive  and diverse photographic record of contemporary art practice and art-making. The site content is organized and presented in albums of some 20-40 photographs in slide show format.  New albums will be published as they’re produced. The site blog will be mainly a topical photo-diary and platform for related if more informal images.

The Artists At Work project is a new chapter in my art documentary work that goes back to the feature film Havana Postmodern, the New Cuban Art (1987), and the online video documentary project, the platform for some 180 video interviews and short films about contemporary artists, active 2005-2013 and live in archive mode.

Unlike my previous film and video work Artists At Work is a photographic project with certain distinct documentary and aesthetic and formal aims. Photography is different than film or video. It’s its own door to reality. I’m endlessly intrigued by photography’s singular power to register and fix the image of an otherwise irretrievable instant; and especially an instant of human action.  AAW is an attempt to evoke creative work in its many dimensions, its materiality, technicality, physical and mental energy, spatial and material conditions, reflections of values, inspiration, concentration, obsession, hope, euphoria, endurance. and a thousand other shades of presence and action.

Artists At Work is sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), which provides crucial administrative and fund-raising support. Many thanks to NYFA.  Contributions to AAW are administered by NYFA and are tax deductible to the fullest allowable extent. If you want to support the Artists At Work project, please click the Donate button and follow link to our NYFA Donation page.

-Robert Knafo  March 2017

My great thanks to:

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